Brick Repair
Brick Repair

Affordable Brick Repair in Arlington TX

With over two decades of experience, Ace Brick Repair stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. Our journey, spanning 23 years, has been marked by countless successful projects and a high rate of client satisfaction. Want to know our secret? We focus on delivering quality services at fair prices, offering affordable brick repair in Arlington, TX, with efficiency that doesn’t compromise the outcome. Our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Despite not seeking reviews, our reputation has grown through word-of-mouth, thanks to our clients’ trust and confidence in us.

We don’t just fix bricks; we ensure your peace of mind. Choosing a non-professional for your repair needs can lead to further damage, costing you more in the long run. Ace Brick Repair eliminates this risk, offering guaranteed work that stands the test of time. Recognized for our excellence with the 2017 Arlington Small Business Excellence Award, we’re your go-to for dependable repair services.

Brick Repair
Brick Repair

Your Structure Is Our Priority

At Ace Brick Repair, our approach to every project is methodical and informed by the latest industry practices. We begin with a comprehensive assessment, identifying the root cause of the problem before devising a strategic plan of action. This systematic procedure guarantees that we treat the underlying problems as well as the signs, averting further consequences. Offering a top-notch brick repair service in Arlington, TX, we ensure long-lasting, effective repairs with the newest equipment and methods in our toolbox. From common problems like weather-induced damage to structural weaknesses, we have the know-how and equipment to tackle them all.

Your property is in good hands because of our dedication to using the best materials and techniques. As we are aware of the particular difficulties posed by Arlington’s climate and building practices, we are able to offer solutions that are both long-lasting and efficient. Whether it’s restoring the integrity of a historic home or reinforcing the structure of a modern building, our team is equipped to handle it. By working with Ace Brick Repair, you’re investing in the future of your property. By choosing professionals who value quality and efficiency, you avoid the pitfalls of short-term fixes and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting repairs.

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Our team combines local knowledge of Arlington's specific environmental and architectural needs with global repair standards.


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FAQs for Brick Repair Services

Inspecting brickwork annually for signs of damage such as cracks, crumbling mortar, or moisture issues is recommended to ensure structural integrity and aesthetics are maintained.

Damaged bricks can often be repaired if the damage is minor; however, severely damaged or structurally compromised bricks should be replaced to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure.

Tuckpointing involves filling in missing or eroded mortar joints with matching mortar, while repointing is the process of removing damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar to ensure structural integrity.