Retaining Wall Repair
Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining Wall Repair in Arlington TX

At Ace Brick Repair, we understand the crucial role a retaining wall plays in maintaining the safety and aesthetics of your property. That’s why we offer specialized retaining wall repair in Arlington, TX, aimed at addressing your concerns with reliability and expertise. Over the years, we’ve successfully handled over 300 retaining wall projects, achieving a remarkable customer satisfaction rate of 95%. This reflects our commitment to delivering quality service that meets our client’s needs and expectations. Our team of professionals has been recognized for their outstanding service, which is highlighted by our selection for the 2017 Arlington Small Business Excellence Award.

Choosing Ace Brick Repair means opting for peace of mind. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau further underscores our commitment to quality. Unlike other companies, we focus on earning trust through excellence rather than soliciting reviews. We pride ourselves on being a community-focused business, offering discounts to military members and accepting various payment methods for convenience. Our experts can successfully repair the integrity and appearance of your retaining wall, regardless of the severity of the wear and tear or structural problems it may be experiencing.

Retaining Wall Repair
Retaining Wall Repair

Secure Your Property with Expert Care

Our approach to retaining wall repair services begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your wall’s condition to identify the root causes of damage. This may include soil erosion, water damage, or structural failure. Once we clearly understand the issues, we use the latest repair techniques and high-quality materials to ensure durable and visually appealing results. Our process often involves reinforcing the wall with additional support, such as geogrids or tiebacks, and replacing damaged bricks or stones to match the original aesthetics as closely as possible.

The risks of entrusting your retaining wall repair to non-professionals cannot be overstated. Incorrect repairs can lead to further damage, posing safety risks and potentially leading to more significant expenses down the line. To prevent such outcomes, Ace Brick Repair utilizes modern tools and techniques, such as hydraulic jacks for precise pressure application and laser levels for accurate alignment. Our aim is to fix the immediate problems and implement solutions that address potential future issues, ensuring your retaining wall stands strong against the elements and time.

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Local Knowledge and Expertise

Our deep understanding of Arlington's unique environmental and soil conditions allows us to provide solutions perfectly tailored to your property's needs.


Comprehensive Post-Repair Support

After completing the repair, we offer advice and support on maintaining your retaining wall, helping you prevent future issues and extend its lifespan.


Experienced and Skilled Workforce

Our team comprises industry veterans with years of experience in retaining wall repairs, ensuring high-quality workmanship and professional service.

FAQs for Retaining Wall Repair Services

Signs your retaining wall needs repair include visible cracks, leaning, bulging, or sections that have separated. Soil erosion behind the wall can also indicate issues.

The cost varies based on the extent of damage, materials needed, and the wall’s size. Contact us for a personalized quote based on a detailed assessment of your wall.

Repair times can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the damage’s severity and the repair scope. We strive to complete work efficiently without compromising quality.